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What does Suite 160 represent?

Imagine a small and refined boutique of special tailor-made products.
Express your wishes or be guided by our staff.
Make your dream come true.
A fairytale journey, your best day, an important event, with Suite 160 you can do all this.

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Veichles Rent

Wedding Singer on Stage

Wedding & Events


DMC Sardegna & Tour Operator


Personal Chef


Diamond Suite


Events Equipment

Tropical Paradise

Travel Agency

Waiter with Champagne Flutes


Suite 160 has reserved for you Diamond Suite, the luxury van containing all the German technological and mechanical innovation and the Made in Italy artisan excellence to make your travels comfortable and charming.

Do you dream of an unforgettable event?

You are provided all the experience and professionalism of our staff to guarantee your event the success it deserves. Tables, chairs. tablecloths, audio, decorations making every occasion as magical as a dream.

Tickets, transfers, overnight stays, experiential visits: organizing a journey in detail is never simple or relaxing.

Relying on an expert and passionate agency means benefiting from careful and complete assistance until you get home.

Suite160 - "Luxury mood

it is here to provide you with an unbeatable range of solutions to manage concierge solutions and a relaxing lifestyle. The small daily tasks are managed by us thanks to the collaboration with high profile professionals, you will just have to relax and leave it to us.

When we decided to create a transport service for important events, we thought of those who love refinement and want every detail to be perfectly studied with taste and care.

A luxury mood reserved for those who dream big, who recognize elegance, who want an exclusive service.

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Suite160 - "Luxury mood" is your ticket to the best which life offers.

With this service (and not only), our team works day and night to provide the perfect combination of luxury and lifestyle solutions. Do you want to know more about our concierge services and how to book them?

Every journey is a discovery, an experience, an emotion. We accompany you on individual and group tours to get to know the most authentic Sardinia through wineries, craft workshops and villages immersed in breathtaking landscapes. A journey sewn on your desires and your desire to discover.

We know you are looking for the best, even at the table. This is why we relied on those who cook by passion and by profession, so as to give you the most fascinating flavours both on the road and at home to satisfy your most delicious tastes, for an unforgettable sensory experience.