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The land of centenarians

Come with us to discover the secret of Sardinian longevity

What is the secret of Sardinian longevity? A simple lifestyle, a diet balanced and composed of organic products, generously offered by the earth, as well as genetic factors, have helped to create a beneficial mix: a true elixir of long life, which has long been the center of attention of scholars and researchers. We will accompany you to the most characteristic places of the island to listen to the stories, precious fragments of life, of shepherds and peasants, and together with our chef we will try to understand the secrets of good Sardinian cuisine: the diet of centenarians.


[D.M.C. Sardegna]

Our travel plans

Incoming & DMC Sardegna

We were born in Sardinia, and like all Sardinians we are proud of our origins and our land. We know hospitality and generosity are two fundamental aspects of our DNA, which is why our travels will be experiences leading you to learn about the traditions, food and wine and ways of life making us one of the longest-lived regions of the planet.

Discovering Sardinian Authors

The "Shadow Country" tour by Giuseppe Dessì.

We will enter a picture painted by Dessì’s clever pen, delineating, with a light but decisive stroke, the landscape and the history of a nineteenth-century Sardinian village; among mines, strikes, a population becoming inflamed, battles for bread, oil and wheat, Dessì tells us about a new Sardinia. Against the background of one of the most beautiful novels of the Twentieth Century, you will experience a journey full of emotions, an extraordinary tour between mountains and sea. Through the eyes of Angelo Uras, the main character of the novel, you will go back in time along paths speaking of a wild, rebellious and often unknown land: on the one hand, the Sardinia of Buggerru's strikes and the first Italian work motions, of Don Fulgheri and Angelo Uras’s epics, of the war in Africa and of the first industrialization; on the other one, the land of centuries-old woods, natural beauties the Royal Mining Society wanted to turn into quarries, wood for sleepers and fuel. Through the images written by Dessì, those who undertake this journey will find, in the beauty of a still wild environment, a response to that aura of mystery still accompanying our island.


The Prometheus Tour

Narrated itineraries

Not only masks, but also activities contributing to the success of celebrations, allowing the artisans to produce the material they need to make the ornaments proudly worn during the rituals of the Sardinian carnival: it is something which must be made far from the confusion of the party, during the masks rest period, to fully understand the religious sense of belonging and communitarianism binding Sardinians to their land, and also to admire the transformations of the masked man and of the mask into a shadow coming from the past. The purpose of this journey is to go down, one by one, the steps leading to understand the irrational reality could never accept. Meet those who wearing masks, understand what lies behind the ancient rituals, touch and see how carefully they create the symbols of Carnival par excellence.


The Sardinian Carnival

Narrated Itineraires

A journey to discover authentic flavours and timeless traditions, in Barbagia pulsating heart, to learn more about the history of Carnival masks, accompanied by the unique taste of Cannonau wine and genuine products, typical of the island's gastronomic culture.

A weekend in close contact with Mamoiada and Orgosolo realities, to admire the Murales, large street paintings colouring the houses. You will learn about legendary rites, still handed down today, from generation to generation, such as the Mamuthones: one of the symbolic masks of Carnival in Sardinia. You will witness a very special culinary demonstration: the preparation of a very rare pasta, "su Filindeu", from the Sardinian "fili di Dio", from the expert hands of one of the few heirs of this ancient technique.


The Art Tour

Artists and thinkers of Sardinia

A cultural immersion, a soul journey, a slow and introspective walk through the eyes of artists who have marked an era. A path towards the places which will allow us to tell the story of some of the greatest Sardinian artists of the 20th century: Biasi, Figari, Fancello, Nivola, Ciusa, Maria Lai, Dessi ’, Satta, Lobina. Their works will be the mirror of the places we will visit: writing, painting and sculpture will become tools to describe an ancient world, captured by the mastery of their art.


The wheat roads

The route of taste

Wheat has always played a fundamental role in our diet. We will enter a timeless journey, in which ancient knowledge and ancient flavours are handed down from earth to table. During this tour, among the companies in the area, we will meet and get to know the producers: those who sow ancient grains, (such as Senatore Cappelli wheat and monococcum spelled), those who work them to turn them into flour and those who mix them with care to get sweets or first courses for our tables. Together with the Chef we will have the pleasure of being the direct protagonists of the preparation of the doughs and of the typical dishes, which we will cook and finally taste with pride and conviviality.


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