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Uomo d'affari in auto

[Auto Bus & Van]

Means of transport for all occasions: various displacements cars, large capacity buses and - icing on the cake - "the" luxury van par excellence. Discover them with us.


[Yacth Concierge]

An unforgettable boat holiday for sea lovers – a unique experience guaranteed by our professional Yacht Concierge.

All practices are at our care: authorizations, formalities, duty free, assistance on the quay... We take care of everything, from moorings to the booking of restaurants, hotels, spas, excursions, parties, helicopter transfers and any other service in the most famous and renowned seaside resorts of Italy, such as Porto Cervo, Porto Rotondo, Baja Sardinia, Pultu Quatu.

You dream and ask, we take note of your dreams and make them true!

Airplane Engine

[Private Flights]

Suite160 - "Luxury mood" offers you an exclusive service.
Choose to start your journey with a private flight with timetables and services tailored for you. Make it pleasant and fast, avoiding stops and waiting times. Are you planning a romantic or cultural weekend or to celebrate a private event or to participate in an international event? Just tell us when you want to travel and we will accompany you.